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Why Choose The Power Wash Pros?

We are often asked what exactly is 'power washing?'

Power washing is using varied strengths of water pressure spray that is applied to many different surfaces with the purpose of removing dirt, grime, mold, stains, grease etc.

Understanding exactly how much pressure a surface can withstand without causing damage is what we call

 'The Art of Power Washing.'

 Anyone can power wash, but without the proper education, training and experience that comes over time, they usually cause great damage!

That's what separates The Power Wash Pros from the others in our industry. We have done the of research, and gone through extensive training in order to be able to safely power wash the many different surfaces around your home or business. You've often heard the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none."

At The Power Wash Pros, power washing is what we do! And we do a lot of it! We don't wash windows, clean gutters, hang Christmas lights, etc. Although there is nothing wrong with that, wouldn't you want a service with it's only focus is power washing knowing the job will be done correctly and safely? 

Most of us would answer this with a YES!

So, don't just call anyone...



"We Make it Beautiful again...Safely!"

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