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Why Choose The Power Wash Pros?

Oct 20th, 2019

We are often asked what exactly is 'power washing?'

Power washing is using varied strengths of water pressure spray that is created by a power washing machine. Then this high pressured water spray is directed to many different exterior surfaces with the purpose of removing dirt, grime, mold, algae, stains, grease etc.

Understanding exactly how much pressure a surface can withstand without causing damage, yet cleaning the surface properly is what we call 'The Art of Power Washing.'

 Without the proper equipment, education, training and a lot of experience that only comes with time, a power washer in the wrong hands will certainly create damage. For example, choose the incorrect water pressure, choose the wrong spray nozzle, get too close to the surface or choose the wrong cleaning agent...and it's too late! The damage is done! Now, no one is happy! We have seen the damage left behind from other services and have heard the many complaints from those customers that had only wished they had taken more time to look for a service that will do job correctly and safely. 


What separates The Power Wash Pros from the other services? We have the best equipment, done the of research, and gone through extensive training, and we have the experience to do the job correctly....and safely too! 

You've often heard the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none."  

At The Power Wash Pros, we don't wash windows, clean gutters, hang Christmas lights like some of the multi-service businesses that proclaim they call do it all! 

Our ONLY FOCUS is power washing!

Power washing is what we do! And we've sure done a lot of it since 2011  

So, please don't just call anyone...

Give us a Call!


"We Make it Beautiful Again...Safely!"

(972) 618-3548

We are

Licensed & Fully


Our Services are 

100% Satisfaction



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